Jan 8 – 12, 2018
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile
Chile/Continental timezone
Dedicated to the memory of Lev Lipatov


There are many good hotels in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso which You may find here. January is a high season, for this reason we strongly recommend to book the hotel in advance. For certain hotels (please see the full list below) special volume discount rate are available. 

As a tourist, You are entitled by law not to pay the Value Added Tax ("IVA") for your stay in hotel provided that

  1. You pay in Dollars
  2. Present Passport or Identity Card certifying that you're are resident of your home country.
  3. Show the immigration card issued by International Police ("PDI") on the day of your arrival which states that you are in a tourism trip (not business).
  4. Make your reservation in advance.

Hotels for which special discounts rates are available

(Limited offer, should explicitly mention during reservation that You are a visitor of the UTFSM HEP 2018 Conference and send us a copy of your reservation).

We recommend to book one of the following hotels in Viña del Mar or Valparaiso.

Viña del Mar:

Hotel Ha
Address: Avenida San Martín 476 Viña del Mar
Tel: +56 (32) 215 10 00, +56 (32) 215 10 03
Room rates:
Single, twin and king:
From 95.000 to 110.000 + IVA (CLP)

Hotel Monterilla
Address: Av. 2 Norte 65, Viña del Mar
Tel: +56 (32) 2976950
Room rates:
Single: 71.760 + IVA (CLP) (93 USD)
Double: 88.320 + IVA (CLP) (115 USD)

Hotel O'Higgins
Address: Plaza Vergara s/n, Viña del Mar
Tel: +56 (32) 226 52 00
Room rates:
Single or Double standard: 56.000 +IVA (CLP)
Single or Double superior: 62.000 + IVA (CLP)

Hotel Gala
Address: Arlegui 273
Tel: +56 (32) 232 15 00
Room rates:
Single: From 56.000 to 86.000 +IVA (CLP)
Double: From 63.000 to 100.000 +IVA (CLP)

Hotel Marina Azul
Address: Teniente Hernán Merino Correa (ex. 5 Norte) #39, Viña
Tel: +56 (32) 2699882, +56 (32) 977079793
Room rates:
Single: From 45.000 to 50.000  (CLP)
Double: From 55.00 to 60.000 (CLP)

Hotel Ágora
Address: Calle 5 1/2 poniente 253
Tel: +56 (32) 269 46 96
Room rate:
Single: 62.000 (CLP with taxes)
Double: 70000 (CLP with taxes) 

*To access a discount must indicate that you are coming to the HEP2018 conference at the UTFSM



Hotel Ibis
Address: Avenida Errazuriz 811, Valparaíso
Tel. +56 (32) 2340000
Room rates between:
Single: 37.000 +IVA (CLP)
Double: 42.000 +IVA (CLP)

Hotel Cariño Porteño
Addres: Rosa Riquelme 830 Cerro Placeres, 2390152, Valparaiso.
Tel. +56 (32) 2497641

Cariño Porteño UTFSM special discount/ TERMS:

1 - The reservation must be direct to our email info@carinoporteno.cl with a deposit of 50% of the amount of the reservation, not via booking. The booking form will be sent to interested parties with data for bank transfer or deposit.

2 - Payment in cash or bank transfer. No debit or credit cards

3 - You should accredit your status of participant to the event.

4 - The minimum stay is 3 nights


Double Room 21,000 + taxes - Availability 2 rooms

Single Room 15,000 + taxes - Availability 1 room

Double Room 21,000 + taxes - 1 room availability

* Normal rate 38.000 CLP*

*Note that Valparaiso is a rather touristic place so we recommend to book some time in advance.