Naturalness, Hierarchy, and Fine Tuning

SuperC (Generali-Saal) (Aachen)

SuperC (Generali-Saal)


RWTH Aachen, Templergraben 57, 52062 Aachen
Robert Valentin Harlander (Rheinisch-Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))

Poster The requirement of naturalness has long served as an influential constraint on model-building in theoretical particle physics. Yet there are many ways of understanding what, precisely, this requirement amounts to, from restrictions on the amount of fine-tuning that a model can exhibit, to prohibitions on sensitive dependence between physics at different scales, to the requirement that dimensionless parameters defining the Lagrangian of a theory all be of order one unless they are protected by a symmetry. This workshop aims to clarify the relationships among these concepts of naturalness and their connection to the hierarchy problem, as well as to assess arguments for and against imposing various forms of naturalness as a requirement on particle physics model-building.

This workshop is part of the DFG research unit "Epistemology of the Large Hadron Collider".

A Special Issue based on the contributions to this workshop has appeared in Foundations of Physics.

  • Alexei Grinbaum
  • Alice Boldrin
  • Andrea Bevilacqua
  • Arianna Borrelli
  • Arthur Hebecker
  • Bertrand Delamotte
  • Cristin Chall
  • Doreen Fraser
  • Eike Müller
  • Elena Castellani
  • erhard scholz
  • Frank Saueressig
  • Fred Jegerlehner
  • Gregor Schiemann
  • Heinrich Päs
  • Holger Gies
  • James Wells
  • Jonathan Bain
  • Joshua Rosaler
  • Koray Karaca
  • Martin King
  • Michael Krämer
  • Michael Stoeltzner
  • Miguel Ángel Carretero Sahuquillo
  • Milla Lifke
  • Niels Martens
  • Peter Mattig
  • Porter Williams
  • Radin Dardashti
  • Richard Dawid
  • Robert Gast
  • Robert Harlander
  • Roberto Caroli
  • Rüdiger Vaas
  • Sabine Hossenfelder
  • Songchen Xia
  • Susanne Reichwein
  • Wilkin Wöhler