The first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting @ Korea

Benjamin Fuks (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR)) , Seung Joon Lee (Korea University (KR)) , Tae Jeong Kim (Hanyang University (KR)) , pyungwon ko (Korea Inst. for Advanced Study (KIAS))

The first MadAnalysis 5 workshop on LHC recasting @ Korea

This workshop is intended to PhD students, postdocs, junior and more senior researchers who have interests in the development of publicly available tools and methods for reinterpreting the results of the LHC. On top of general featured lectures on new physics theories and experimental collider physics aspects, the program includes both lectures and practical hands-on sessions on the reimplementation of an LHC analysis in the MadAnalysis 5 framework. Moreover, a particular attention is to be paid to the usage of such reimplementations for constraining any model of physics beyond the Standard Model.

The workshop format aims to form working groups of 5-6 people that will work together, both during the workshop and in the following months, on a specific LHC analysis. The tasks that are assigned to each working group will range from the reimplementation, in the MadAnalysis 5 framework, of the analysis at stake, to its validation, submission to our public analysis database and usage for a concrete physics project.

Advisory committee: Eric Conte (GRPHE / Upper-Aslace U., France), Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE/UPMC, Paris, France), Taejeong Kim (Hanyang University), Pyungwon Ko (KIAS), Hyun Min Lee (Chung-ang University), Seung J. Lee (Korea University), Seong Chan Park (Yonsei University) & Hwi Dong Yoo (Seoul National University)

MadAnalysis 5 crew: Samuel Bein  (U. Hamburg, Germany), Nicolas Bizot (IPN Lyon, France), Guillaume Chalons (LPT Orsay, France), Eric Conte (GRPHE / Upper-Aslace U., France), Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE/UPMC, Paris, France), Valentin Hirschi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Dipan Sengputa (Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA), Jory Sonneveld (LPTHE, Paris, France), Giacomo Cacciapaglia (IPN Lyon, France) & Hua-Sheng Shao (LPTHE, Paris, France)

  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Byeonghak Ko
  • Chaehyun Yu
  • Dajeong Jeon
  • Dayoung Kang
  • Dipan Sengupta
  • Dong Woo Kang
  • Eric Conte
  • Fangzhou Xu
  • Gang Li
  • Giacomo Cacciapaglia
  • Guillaume Chalons
  • GyungGoo Lee
  • Hua-Sheng Shao
  • Hwi Dong Yoo
  • Ian James Watson
  • Jinmian Li
  • Jiwon Park
  • Jory Sonneveld
  • Jubin Park
  • Jung Chang
  • Kyeongpil Lee
  • Kyung Sun Lee
  • Minho Kim
  • Nicolas Bizot
  • Peiwen Wu
  • Pyungwon Ko
  • Samuel Bein
  • Sang Man Lee
  • Seohyun An
  • Seulgi Kim
  • Seung Joon Lee
  • Seungjin Yang
  • Seungwon Baek
  • SiHyun Jeon
  • Soo-Min Choi
  • Sumin Jeong
  • Tae Geun Kim
  • Tae Gyu Ro
  • Tae Hyun Jung
  • Tae Jeong Kim
  • Thomas Flacke
  • U-Rae Kim
  • Ui Min
  • Valentin Hirschi
  • Yeji Park
  • YongHo Jeong
  • Yongsoo Jho
  • Yoo Jin Kang