6-10 November 2017
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Welcome to NICA days 2017


The NICA days 2017 is organized by the Heavy-Ion Reaction Group at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology and Joint Institiute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.

The organizers can be reached with:

e-mail: nica2017@if.pw.edu.pl

tel.: +48 22 234 73 75

fax: +48 22 628 21 71 


Local Organizing Committee

M. Bielewicz, (JINR Dubna, NCNR Poland)
K. Bolek, (SKN CAMAC, WUT, Poland)
D. Dąbrowski, (JINR Dubna, WUT, Poland)
E. A. Efimova, (JINR Dubna, FR)
Ł. Graczykowski, (WUT, Poland)
K. Horodek, (JINR Dubna, FR)
M. A. Janik, (WUT Poland)
A. Kisiel, (WUT Poland)
K. Kozłowski, (NCU Toruń, Poland)
W. Kozłowski (Frako-Term, Poland)

I. Madura (WUT Poland)
M. J. Peryt (WUT Poland; JINR, Dubna, FR)
J. M. Pluta, (WUT, Poland)
K. Rosłon, (JINR, Dubna, FR; WUT, Poland)

D. Wielanek, (WUT, Poland)
H. Zbroszczyk, (WUT, Poland)