Oct 11 – 13, 2017
KISTI, Daejeon, South Korea
Asia/Seoul timezone

Travel Info

How to reach Daejeon from Incheon Airport: 

  • KTX Train: take a KTX train destined to Daejeon station (booking)

  • Bus: take a limousine bus destined to Daejeoncheongsa(Daejeon Government Complex)(booking)

    • To book the bus, go to booking and set to "Departure" is "IncheonAirport" and "Destination" is "Daejeoncheongsa"(This website is case-sensitive, so please write as we introduce to you). 

    • The bus stop heading for “Daejeon Government Complex (Daejeoncheongsa in Korean sound)” is located at the outside of the exit number 9D on 1st floor (Note that 1st floor means ground floor in Korea, so the same floor with Arrival). 

      • This system only shows tickets within a month.

When you arrive Daejeon, you are recommended to take a taxi and to follow the instruction in this or you can refer to this to get to KISTI, Daejeon Headquarters. Please be aware of that the forum will take place at KISTI, Daejeon Headquarters not at one of several branches of KISTI scattered in the country area.


How to reach Daejeon from Seoul City Center: 

In case you plan to travel around the capital of South Korea

1) Taking Bus 

It takes 2 hours and 40 minutes from Seoul Gangnam Bus Terminal (located at the cross of three metro lines, 3rd-7th-9th) to Daejeon Yuseong terminal and 15-20 minutes by taxi to the venue.

2) Taking KTX (or SRT) train

It takes about 1 hour from Seoul KTX station (or less than 1 hour from Suseo SRT station) to Daejeon KTX station (no transfer required) and 20-30 minutes by taxi from the station to the venue.