The conference is hosted in Paris, on the Jussieu Campus. The talks will take place in the Charpak auditorium located on the campus. Detailed information on how to reach the conference room are given below.

Accessing the campus

The Jussieu campus is located in the centre of Paris, not far from Notre-Dame, the Pantheon and the Luxembourg gardens. It can be accessed by metro using line 7 or 10. Luxembourg and Notre Dame are about a 15 minutes walk away.

Here are links to the Jussieu neighborhood and to Paris metro map (PDF)

Accessing the conference venue

The Charpak auditorium is on campus. Here is a map detailing how to access it from the Jussieu metro stop (located "place Jussieu")

missing map of the Charpack auditorium

First enter the campus by the guarded entrance (you will just have to open your bag in passing). Proceed then to the opposite corner of the big square with the Jussieu tower and carry on to tower 22. Take the stairs down one floor, go left, and exit to the auditorium (located in the adjoining courtyard).