10th International Workshop on Boosted Object Phenomenology, Reconstruction and Searches in HEP (BOOST 2018)

from Monday, 16 July 2018 (08:30) to Friday, 20 July 2018 (18:00)
Paris (Charpak Amphitheater)

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16 Jul 2018
17 Jul 2018
18 Jul 2018
19 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018
Boost Camp (until 10:30) (Charpak Amphitheater)
08:30 Boost Camp - Laís Sarem Schunk (IPhT, CEA - Saclay) Steven Schramm (Universite de Geneve (CH))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Introduction (until 12:20) (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:00 Advances in jet substructure for tagging - Roman Kogler (Hamburg University (DE))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:40 Advances in jet substructure for precision physics and QCD - Ben Nachman (University of California Berkeley (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
Performance (until 10:40) (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:00 Pileup mitigation for jets with Constituent Subtraction - Peter Berta (Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz (DE))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:25 Pileup mitigation in CMS - Anna Benecke (Hamburg University (DE))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:50 Tagging of Hadronically Decaying Particles and the Determination of boosted tagger efficiencies in ATLAS - Andreas Sogaard (University of Edinburgh (GB))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:15 Tagger performance in data - Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez (Johns Hopkins University (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Measurements (until 12:25) (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:10 Jet substructure measurements at ALICE - Leticia Cunqueiro Mendez (Oak Ridge National Laboratory - (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:35 Modifications to Jet Spectra and Substructure in PbPb Collisions with CMS - Christopher Mc Ginn (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)) Christopher Mcginn (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:00 Comparison of jet mass in $pp$ and Pb+Pb collisions using ATLAS at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=5.02 TeV - Anne Marie Sickles (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
Calculations (until 10:40) (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:00 Nonperturbative Effects in Groomed Event Shapes - Dr Aditya Pathak (University of Vienna)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:25 Calculating the Pull Angle - Andrew Larkoski (Reed Collge)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:50 Top taggers : an analytical perspective - Marco Guzzi (Southern Methodist University)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:15 Soft Gluons and Non-global Observables - Prof. Mike Seymour (University of Manchester)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Searches (until 12:25) (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:10 ATLAS Searches using Jet Substructure Techniques - Francesco Guescini (TRIUMF (CA))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:35 Highlights on searches for new physics with vector bosons and higgs bosons in boosted topologies - Thea Aarrestad (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:00 Stealth bosons and where to find them - Juan Antonio Aguilar-Saavedra (University of Granada)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
New Tools (until 10:40) (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:00 Prospects for a measurement of the W boson mass in the all-jets final state at hadron colliders - Andreas Hinzmann (University of Hamburg)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:25 Jet SIFT-ing - Prof. Joel Walker (Sam Houston State University)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:50 On the Topic of Jets - Eric Metodiev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:15 Telescoping deconstruction - Dr Yang-Ting Chien (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Machine Learning (until 12:25) (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:10 Study of Recursive Neural Networks in Jet Tagging - Dr Taoli Cheng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
11:35 JUNIPR: a Framework for Unsupervised Machine Learning in Particle Physics - Christopher Frye (Harvard)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:00 Fast inference of deep neural networks in FPGAs for particle physics - Jennifer Ngadiuba (CERN)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
09:30 --- Coffee bbreak ---
Summaries (until 11:40) (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:00 Summary: experiments - Caterina Vernieri (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) Caterina Vernieri (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
10:50 Summary: theory - Jesse Thaler (MIT)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:20 --- Free lunch ---
Performance (until 16:05) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:00 Jet and Missing Momentum Reconstruction and Calibration in ATLAS - Christopher Young (CERN)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:25 Jet+MET performance in CMS - Viola Sordini (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:50 Reconstruction and Calibration of Large-R jets and In-situ techniques for their Calibration - Ayana Tamu Arce (Duke University (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:15 Triggering boosted objects at 25 ns at CMS - Jennifer Ngadiuba (CERN)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:40 Inputs, grooming and track assisted techniques for jet substructure - Sanmay Ganguly (Weizmann Institute of Science (IL))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:05 --- Coffee break ---
Calculations (until 18:15) (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:35 Improving the Simulation of Quark and Gluon Jets with Herwig 7 - Andrzej Konrad Siodmok (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:00 Quark jet rates and quark gluon discrimination in multi-jet final states - Dr Yasuhito Sakaki (KAIST)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:25 How the parton shower cutoff affects the heavy quark mass parameter - Daniel Samitz   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:50 Infrared Safety of a Neural-Net (Machine Learning) Top Tagging Algorithm - Seung Joon Lee (Korea University)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
18:30 --- Cocktail ---
12:25 --- Organised Lunch ---
Poster session (until 14:30) (Charpak Amphitheater)
Machine Learning (until 16:10) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:30 Novel Jet Observables from Machine Learning - Kaustuv Datta (ETHZ - ETH Zurich)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:55 How to train taggers on data - Jennifer Thompson (ITP Heidelberg)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:20 Learning to Classify from Impure Samples with High-Dimensional Data - Eric Metodiev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Ben Nachman (University of California Berkeley (US)) Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:45 CWoLa Hunting - Jack Collins (University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
Measurements (until 17:55) (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:40 Measuring jet substructure observables at the ATLAS Experiment - Jennifer Kathryn Roloff (Harvard University (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:05 Measurements using jet substructures for SM physics at CMS - Matthias Ulrich Mozer (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:30 Measurements with highly boosted top quarks using the ATLAS detector - Walter Hopkins (University of Oregon (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:25 --- Organised lunch (lunchbox) ---
Searches (until 14:50) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:00 Search for supersymmetry using dedicated jet techniques with the ATLAS detector - David Miller (University of Chicago (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:25 Highlights on searches for new physics with top quarks in boosted topologies - Christine Angela Mc Lean (SUNY Buffalo)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
Future Colliders (until 15:40) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:50 Boosted top quarks at multi-TeV CLIC - Lars Rickard Strom (CERN)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:15 Jet observables and stops at 100 TeV collider - Shing Chau Leung (Brown University)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:40 --- Coffee break ---
New Tools (until 17:25) (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:10 Energy Flow and Jet Substructure - Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:35 The Lund Jet Plane - Frederic Alexandre Dreyer (MIT)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:00 New tagging approaches - Loukas Gouskos (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
Meeting of the international committee - Peter Loch (University of Arizona (US)) Peter Loch (University of Arizona (US)) Salvatore Rappoccio (The State University of New York SUNY (US)) (until 18:35) (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:25 Boost 2021 - Seoul proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:35 Boost 2021 - Berkeley proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:45 Boost 2020 - Cracow proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
17:55 Boost 2020 - Hamburg proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
18:05 Boost 2020 - Manchester proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
18:15 Boost 2020 - Brighton proposal   (Charpak Amphitheater)
18:25 Booston 2019 - status report   (Charpak Amphitheater)
12:25 --- Organised Lunch + Anniversary Cake ---
Anniversary (until 15:30) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:10 10 years of Boost: experimental perspective - Jonathan Butterworth (University College London (UK))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:50 10 years of Boost: theory perspective - Gavin Salam (CERN)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
18:00 --- Visit of the Orsay museum and conference dinner ---
Hands-on and tutorials (until 17:00) (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:00 FastJet tutorial - Salvatore Rappoccio (The State University of New York SUNY (US))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:15 Energy Flow tutorial - Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:30 Lund Jet Plane tutorial - Frederic Alexandre Dreyer (MIT)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
14:45 Jet topics tutorial - Eric Metodiev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Charpak Amphitheater)
15:00 Hand-on time   (Charpak Amphitheater)
16:50 Additional material for self-study - Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg University (DE))   (Charpak Amphitheater)
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