Apr 9 – 13, 2018
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Transport and logistics concept

Apr 11, 2018, 9:35 AM
P4 Berlage zaal (1.9)

P4 Berlage zaal


Board: 3AMS13D


Andreas Nettstraeter (FIML Dortmund)


Logistics is of great importance for the construction, assembly and operation of the FCC. During the planning, construction and assembly of LHC, logistics already proved to be one of ten key factors. For the planning of FCC several logistics aspects were analysed or discussed:
1. Supply strategies for FCC cryo-units;
2. Locations for the storage, assembly and testing facilities;
3. Transport scenarios for cryo-units, including analysis of stresses and possibility of intercontinental transport;
4. Design concept for a special purpose vehicles for the underground transportation and handling of cryo-units;
5. Supply scenarios considering the overall FCC construction schedule.

Primary author

Andreas Nettstraeter (FIML Dortmund)


Andreas Wohlfahrt (Fraunhofer IML) Christian Prasse (Fraunhofer Institut for Material Flow and Logistics) Gerd Kuhlmann (Fraunhofer IML) Konstantin Horstmann (Fraunhofer IML) Ulrike Beissert (Fraunhofer IML)

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