Apr 9 – 13, 2018
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Top squark searches at 100 TeV

Apr 11, 2018, 4:00 PM
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Board: 3AMS12B


Loukas Gouskos (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))


A proton-proton collider at 100 TeV center-of-mass energy opens up new territory at the energy frontier. Measurements in this energy regime would allow us to test the structure of the Standard Model (SM) with unprecedented precision, as well as enable searches for physics beyond the SM (BSM) involving very massive particles. One of the most appealing BSM theories is supersymmetry (SUSY). The hunt for top squarks at 100 TeV is of critical importance not only for understanding the naturalness of the electroweak scale, but also for the viability of SUSY in general. However, searching for top squarks in this energy frontier is very challenging. Methods used to search for top squarks at lower mass scales are no longer viable. For
instance, the reconstruction of top quarks from decays of top squarks via techniques used at the LHC (e.g. jet substructure) is inefficient. Breakthroughs are needed in both detector design and object reconstruction. Moreover, the production of SM processes that are “rare processes” at the LHC will be enhanced, leading to new backgrounds. In this work we present new developments in object reconstruction and analysis methods tailored to top squarks searches at 100 TeV. Results are interpreted in the context of simplified models of direct top squark production along with implications for the final design of the detectors.

Primary author

Loukas Gouskos (Univ. of California Santa Barbara (US))


Allan Sung Joseph Incandela (Physics Department)

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