Atmospheric Effects On The Radio Signal of Extensive Air Showers

Jun 13, 2018, 7:00 PM


pragati mitra


One of the major systematic uncertainties in reconstructing X_max from radio emission of EAS is due to limited knowledge of the index-of-refraction of air and its dependence on humidity, pressure, and temperature. Current air shower Monte Carlo simulation codes like CORSIKA/Coreas use one standard atmosphere for all. This calls for the inclusion of real atmospheric data at the time of air shower at a given observational site into the simulation. Using The Global Data Assimilation System(GDAS), a global atmospheric model based on meteorological measurements and numerical weather predictions we have implemented realistic atmospheric profiles in CORSIKA/Coreas, which is available since the latest release. We present the results from re-analyzing LOFAR cosmic-ray data with new improved atmosphere.

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