Fiber optic hydrophones in an acoustic neutrino telescope

Jun 15, 2018, 10:00 AM


Ernst-Jan Buis (TNO)


The technology of ?ber optic hydrophones provides an attractive means to establish an
acoustic neutrino telescope. To implement the technology in a large sensor network,
however, additional requirements have to be met. As the expected number of sensors in
the network will be large, i.e. in the order of 1000-10000, signal multiplexing algorithms
is one of the design drivers that should be addressed when adapting the technology for
acoustic neutrino telescope. As the expected signals from cosmic neutrinos is expected
to be low compared to the sea state noise, methods are investigated to enhance the
sensitivity of the telescope. One such method could be beamforming, in which the
signal from a large number of hydrophones are combined to suppress noise. In this talk
we give an update of the ?ber hydrophone technology and we discuss how multiplexing
could be compatible with beam forming to gain sensitivity in order to observer the
minute acoustic signals from neutrinos interactions in the deep sea.

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