May 14 – 18, 2018
University of Wisconsin-Madison
America/Chicago timezone

The OpenAFS Foundation

May 15, 2018, 4:45 PM
Chamberlin Hall (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Chamberlin Hall

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, USA 43°4'25.8024''N 89°24'18.7776''W 43.073834, -89.405216
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Dr Margarete Ziemer (Sine Nomine Associates)


We would like to have one of the Board members of The OpenAFS Foundation, Inc, speak about this 501(c)(3), US-based, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the stability and growth of OpenAFS, an open source implementation of the AFS distributed network filesystem. The OpenAFS Foundation adopted a three-fold mission: to attract and increase the community of OpenAFS users, to foster the OpenAFS community of experts, and to nurture and evolve the OpenAFS technology; each will be explained briefly.

We would like to ask for help from the scientific community and ask its researchers to:

  • Contribute to the OpenAFS code, as such contributions are critical for the survival and improvement of the OpenAFS technology. The Foundation has obtained insurance to protect all contributors from potential liability and infringement of IP lawsuits.

  • Reviewing code, as their feedback is not only valuable and appreciated in several ways.

  • Write documentation for already existing code, which is desperately needed.
    Communicate the changes to their computing needs, and how they would like OpenAFS to be even more useful to them in the future.

  • Help craft code specifications and/or code design.

  • Become a guardian and as such, an active, long-term champion shaping the future viability and well-being of OpenAFS technology.

  • Donate and/or identify organizations possibly willing and able to contribute funds to sustain a lean operation and/or to fund specific development efforts to be assigned in an open bid process.

The presenter will be either Todd DeSantis or Margarete Ziemer, both Directors and Board members of the Foundation.

Desired length 20 minutes

Primary authors

Mr Todd DeSantis (IBM) Dr Margarete Ziemer (Sine Nomine Associates)

Presentation materials