Council - Hundred-and-Eighty-Seventh Session
60/6-015 - Room Georges Charpak (Room F) (CERN)

60/6-015 - Room Georges Charpak (Room F)


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from Thursday, December 14, 2017 (9:30 AM) to Friday, December 15, 2017 (11:30 AM)

Thursday, December 14, 2017


9:30 Restricted Session (CERN (60/6-015))

1. Report of the Credentials Committee
2. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the Hundred-and-Eighty-Sixth Restricted Session & Restricted Session on European Strategy Matters
CERN/3330/RA English French
3. Adoption of the Agenda
CERN/3331/Rev.2 English French
4. Matters arising from the Previous Meeting
5. President’s Report - Oral
6. Director-General’s Report - Oral
7. Developments in the Member States relevant for CERN - Oral
8. Overview of Protocols concluded since November 2016
CERN/3332 English French
9. Cooperation Agreement Between the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
CERN/3341/RA English French
10. Report by the Chair of the Finance Committee (Mr O. Malmberg - Oral)
Slides Summary of Conclusions
11. The Cost-Variation Index for 2018
CERN/FC/6170 CERN/3333 English French Slides
12. Final Budget of the Organization for the Sixty-Fourth Financial Year 2018
CERN/FC/6171 CERN/3334 English French Slides
--- Coffee Break ---
13. Audit Committee (AC)
   13.1 Report on the AC Meeting held on 20 November 2017 (Mr O. Malmberg, Chair of the AC - Oral)
   13.2 Questions to the Audit Committee
14. Scientific Policy Committee
   14.1 Report by the Chair (Prof. K. Ellis - Oral)
   14.2 Questions to the Scientific Policy Committee
15. CERN Pension Fund
   15.1 Report by the Chair of the Governing Board (Dr T. Roth - Oral)
Report Slides
   15.2 Report by the Chair of the Working Group on governance of the Pension Fund (Mr P. Pardo - Oral)
16. Preparation of the Medium-Term Plan for the period 2019-2023 - Oral
--- Lunch ---
17. Earned-Value Management (EVM) reports on the LHC Injector upgrade (LIU) and high-luminosity LHC projects
CERN/FC/6175/RA/Rev. CERN/3336/RA/Rev. English French Slides
18. Fundraising – List of current projects
CERN/3337/RA English French Slides
19. Science Gateway Project - Oral
20. Report on the High-School Students Internship Programme (HSSIP) - Oral
21. Confirmation of access status of documents of the Session
22. Other Business
--- Tea Break ---
15:55 Closed Session (CERN (60/6-015))

1. Enlargement Process
   1.1 Update on the Application by the Government of the Russian Federation for Associate Member status
   1.2 Progress report on the updating of CERN’s geographical enlargement procedures (President, on behalf of the President’s Group)
   1.3 Introduction of deadlines to streamline the processes of accession to Associate Membership and Associate Membership in the pre-stage to Membership
CERN/3342/RA English French
   1.4 Application by the Government of Croatia for Associate Member status: composition of the Task Force (Ms C. Warakaulle - Oral)
   1.5 Further developments (Director-General)
2. Update of European Strategy for Particle Physics
   2.1 Corrigendum to document CERN/3325/RA Appointment of the Strategy Secretary and establishment of the Strategy Secretariat
CERN/3325/RA/Corr. English French
   2.2 Proposed detailed plan for the organisation of the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics and for an enlarged composition of the Physics Preparatory Group
CERN/SPC/1099 CERN/3340 English French Slides
   2.3 Call for venues for the Open Symposium and Strategy Drafting Session
3. Elections
   3.1 Scientific Policy Committee - Composition of the SPC: Re-appointment of the Chair, Appointment of two new members and re-appointment of two members
CERN/3338/C English French
   3.2 Council: - Re-election of the President of Council - Re-election of one Vice-President of Council
   3.3 Finance Committee: - Re-election of the Chair of the Finance Committee - Re-election of the Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee
   3.4 Audit Committee: Appointment of a Council member to the Audit Committee
   3.5 Pension Fund: Re-appointments to the Governing Board of the Pension Fund
CERN/3339 English French
4. Confirmation of access status of documents of the Session
5. Other business
Friday, December 15, 2017


9:30 Open Session (CERN (503/1-001))

1. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the 185th Open Session on 16 June 2017
CERN/3329 English French
2. Report on the decisions taken at Restricted and Closed Sessions (President of Council)
3. Report by the Chair of the Finance Committee (Mr O. Malmberg)
4. Overview Report for 2017 by the Chair of the Scientific Policy Committee (Prof. K. Ellis)
5. CERN Impact on Young People’s Careers Outside HEP (Mr J. Niedziela)
6. Other business
--- Coffee Break ---