Objectives and Scientific Programme

The Conclusions (see here) and lively discussions of the first workshop “Ions for Cancer Therapy, Space Research and Material Science”, that took place in Chania, Crete, 28th to 30th August 2017, underlined the need for a next generation research and therapy facility with ions in Europe.
Motivated by these Conclusions, this workshop is aiming at the following objectives:
1. Highlight the potential of ion therapy for cancer.
2. Share the current experience: advantages and disadvantages of present implementations and ideas for future world facilities. Identify potential directions for improvement. Identify synergies between the medical accelerators and other accelerator projects.
3. Explore the possibility to advance towards the design for a next generation medical research and therapy facility with ions in Europe, identify and motivate a community that could contribute to this design, and assess the possibility to establish a dedicated collaboration that could result in the submission of a Design Study to H2020.
4. Identify the basic parameters for this facility, a set of technical options, and outline a possible basic R&D programme.

Main topics and key speakers

  1. Motivation and environment

  2. Experience from existing facilities

  3. Other worldwide initiatives

  4. New technologies (SC magnets, RF cavities, linacs, etc.)

  5. Gantry parameters and design

  6. Parameters and technical options