Topical Workshop on Diagnostics for Ultra-Low Emittance Rings (TW-DULER)

G59 (Diamond Light Source)


Diamond Light Source

Diamond House, Harwell Campus, Didcot, OX11 0DE, United Kingdom

The workshop puts together the experience of the Diagnostics Groups and parts of the Beam Dynamics Groups of the accelerator communities working on ultra-low emittance lattices for damping rings, colliders and light sources.

The theme of the workshop will be advanced instrumentation techniques to answer the new challenging performances aimed at by ultra-low emittance rings. Participants should benefit from the experience of colleagues who are designing, commissioning and operating such rings.

Registration will close 6 April at 12 GMT.


  • Alun Morgan
  • Andrea Franchi
  • Andreas Schälicke
  • Benoît Roche
  • Brian Norsk Jensen
  • Chris Bloomer
  • Edmund Blomley
  • Friederike Ewald
  • Gabriele Brajnik
  • Glenn Decker
  • Guenther Rehm
  • Hussein Al-Mohammad
  • Ian Martin
  • Igor Pinayev
  • Ji-Gwang Hwang
  • Jianshe Cao
  • Laura Torino
  • Laurent Nadolski
  • Lorraine Bobb
  • Maher Attal
  • Manuel Cargnelutti
  • Marie Labat
  • Michael Abbott
  • Nicolas Hubert
  • Niki Vitoratou
  • Oleg Meshkov
  • Raffaele De Monte
  • Riccardo Bartolini
  • Shuo Zhang
  • Ubaldo Iriso
  • Volker Schlott
  • Weixing Cheng
  • Yanfeng Sui
  • Yufei Ma
  • Zeus Marti
  • Åke Andersson
TW-DULER Local Organising Committee