18-20 June 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

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Send mail to conveners: hllhc-wgX-admin@cern.ch  (X=1,2,...5)

WG1: SM (QCD, EW, top)  (sign-up to mailing list)
Paolo Nason - TH
Dieter Zeppenfeld - TH
Alessandro Tricoli - ATLAS
Patrizia Azzi - CMS
Stephen Farry - LHCb

WG2: HIGGS (sign-up to mailing list)
Stefania Gori - TH
Francesco Riva - TH
Marumi Kado - ATLAS
Maria Cepeda - CMS
Phil Ilten - LHCb

WG3: BSM (sign-up to mailing list)
Patrick J. Fox - TH
Riccardo Torre - TH
Monica D'Onofrio - ATLAS
Keith Ulmer - CMS
Xabier Cid Vidal - LHCb

WG4: FLAVOUR (sign-up to mailing list)
Jorge Martin Camalich - TH
Jure Zupan - TH
Alex Cerri - ATLAS
Sandra Malvezzi - CMS
Vladimir Gligorov - LHCb

WG5: HEAVY IONS (sign-up to mailing list)
Urs Wiedemann - TH
Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus - ALICE
Zvi Citron - ATLAS
Michael Winn - LHCb
Yen-Jie Lee - CMS
John Jowett - LHC

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