Workshop on the physics of HL-LHC, and perspectives at HE-LHC

500-1-001 - Main Auditorium (CERN)

500-1-001 - Main Auditorium


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Aleandro Nisati (Sapienza Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) , Andrea Dainese (INFN - Padova (IT)) , Andreas Meyer (KIT and DESY (DE)) , Gavin Salam (CERN) , Michelangelo Mangano (CERN) , Mika Anton Vesterinen (University of Oxford (UK))

This is the second of a series of meetings, running throughout 2018, with  plenary events and intermediate periods of working group activities.

The main goal of the Workshop is to review, extend and further refine our understanding of the physics potential of the High Luminosity LHC. 
The workshop aims to stimulate new ideas for measurements and observables, to extend the LHC discovery reach, to improve the modeling of LHC phenomena towards measurements at ultimate precision, and to prepare to exploit the HL-LHC data to the fullest possible extent.

The Workshop will also provide the opportunity to begin a more systematic study of physics at the HE-LHC, a new pp collider in the LHC ring with CM energy in the range of 27 TeV. 

The activity of the Workshop will extend over a one year period, driven by working groups covering the following areas: 

  1. QCD, EW and top quark physics
  2. Higgs and EWSB
  3. BSM
  4. Flavour
  5. Heavy Ions

Twiki pages for the WGs can be found at this link

The results of the Workshop will be documented in a Yellow Report, to be completed in time (~end 2018) for submission to the next review of the European strategy for particle physics. 

Rooms have been pre-booked with the CERN Hostel. To book a room, please contact directly the Hostel.

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Michelangelo Mangano
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  • Albert De Roeck
  • Alexander Vodopyanov
  • Andrea Giammanco
  • Andreas Meyer
  • Antonio Onofre
  • Brian Petersen
  • Carlos Vázquez Sierra
  • Chris Parkes
  • Christopher Neu
  • Claire Lee
  • Daniel Johnson
  • David d'Enterria
  • Eduardo Rodrigues
  • Fabiola Gianotti
  • Frederic Deliot
  • giorgio chiarelli
  • James Walder
  • Johanna Stachel
  • John Jowett
  • Jorgen D'Hondt
  • Juliette Alimena
  • Junquan Tao
  • Jure Zupan
  • Kapil Dev Maharaj
  • Lata Panwar
  • Marco Delmastro
  • Marcus Matthias Morgenstern
  • Maria Moreno Llacer
  • Michael Winn
  • Michele Selvaggi
  • Mika Anton Vesterinen
  • Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed
  • Nuno Castro
  • Oleg Grachov
  • Orlando Panella
  • Pavel Reznicek
  • Pedro Vieira De Castro Ferreira Da Silva
  • Peter Braun-Munzinger
  • Rabia Shaheen
  • Roberto Tenchini
  • Simone Pagan Griso
  • Tobias Golling
  • Tobias Hurth
  • Valerio Ippolito
  • Vitalii Okorokov
  • vlad past
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