Jul 4 – 11, 2018
Asia/Seoul timezone

Recent progress of the ARIADNE experiment

Jul 6, 2018, 6:30 PM


Poster Beyond the Standard Model POSTER


Mr Younggeun Kim (Center for Axion and Precision Physics(IBS), KAIST)


The purpose of the Axion Resonant InterAction DetectioN Experiment (ARIADNE)[1] is to detect axion mediated macroscopic interactions between polarized and unpolarized masses using NMR techniques. This experiment is a collaboration among institutes in Korea, IBS/CAPP and KRISS, and US institutes, Northwestern, Stanford, and Indiana University. Wilczek and Moody[2] predicted the possible existence of symmetry violating forces that would be mediated by exotic particles with a very light mass like axions[3]. ARIADNE employs a rotating mass to source the interactions, and a polarized 3He gas as NMR sample to detect axion mediated spin-dependent interactions in sub mm range with high precision. This experiment will investigate a broad mass range of QCD axion from 0.1~10meV. We report the recent progress of this work at IBS/CAPP as well as the other institutes[4].

Primary author

Mr Younggeun Kim (Center for Axion and Precision Physics(IBS), KAIST)


Mr Dongok Kim (Center for Axion and Precision Physics(IBS), KAIST) Dr Yun Chang Shin (Center for Axion and Precision Physics(IBS))

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