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Jun 24 – 28, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Travel to Sundsvall

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

When travelling to Sundsvall most people choose to fly or go by high-speed train. Stockholm Arlanda is the main international airport in Sweden. There are direct flights from Stockholm and Gothenburg. The train gets you to Sundsvall from Stockholm in 3.5 hours and in 50 minutes by flight.

Take the train to Sundsvall

It is often easiest to travel by train from Stockholm Arlanda Aiport to Sundsvall and there are several departures per day. The travel time from Stockholm is around 3.5 hours with the high speed trains. And you can buy a ticket at SJ: Stockholm Arlanda – Sundsvall

Other options
Norrtåg: Trondheim – Åre – Östersund – Sundsvall
Norrtåg: Umeå Sundsvall
X-tåget: Gävle – Sundsvall

Take the bus to Sundsvall

The bus takes 5.5 hours from Stockholm to Sundsvall:

Y-buss: Stockholm – Sundsvall,
             Åre – Sundsvall

Fly to Sundsvall

It takes around 50 minutes to fly from Stockholm to Sundsvall and one hour from Gothenburg to Sundsvall. The airport (Sundsvall-Timrå Airport) is however located outside of Sundsvall and you will need to take a 20 minute taxi ride to get into the city. Hence, it is recommended to pre-book Flygtaxi. These are the airlines which travel to Sundsvall:

Stockholm/Arlanda-Sundsvall: SAS
(Stockholm Arlanda is the main international airport in Sweden.)

Stockholm/Bromma-Sundsvall: BRA
Göteborg – Sundsvall: Nextjet
Visby – Sundsvall: BRA

Local travel in Sundsvall

Sundsvall is well connected with city bus lines and there are many taxi companies. The city bus lines are operated by: Din Tur. The city busses runs regulary. Notice that you can only pay with credit or debit cards on the city buses. The city is well connected with a walking distance between the conference venue, hotels, restaurants and social events.

These are the major taxi companies in Sundsvall:
Taxi Sundsvall (Sverigetaxi): 060-19 90 00
Taxi Kurir Sundsvall: 060-150 000
Taxi Drakstaden: 060-12 34 56