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Searches for supersymmetry in final states with photons with CMS

24 Jul 2018, 17:40
Room A

Room A


Johannes Schulz (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))


Events with isolated photons in the final state can be used in multiple ways to search for supersymmetry. Depending on the composition of the lightest neutralino state, decays to a photon and the gravitino can be a dominant signature for models with gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking. Photons are also a tool for the identification of Higgs bosons in the decay chains of supersymmetric particles. Results are reported based on proton-proton collisions recorded at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV with the CMS experiment.

Parallel Session Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results

Primary author

Johannes Schulz (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))

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