Duration of classicality of a degenerate quantum scalar field

25 Jul 2018, 17:40
Room C

Room C


Dr Seishi Enomoto (University of Florida)


Dark matter axions and other highly degenerate bosonic fluids are commonly described by classical field equations. As our recent work, we evaluated the duration of classicality of a homogeneous condensate with attractive contact interactions. In their classical descriptions, such condensate persists forever. Taking into account the quantum description, however, parametric resonance causes quanta to jump in pairs out of the condensate into other modes. We estimated in each case the time scale over which the condensate is depleted.

Parallel Session Dark Matter, Astroparticle Physics

Primary authors

Mr Sankha Chakrabarty (University of Florida) Dr Seishi Enomoto (University of Florida) Ms Yaqi Han (University of Florida) Prof. Pierre Sikivie (University of Florida) Ms Elisa Todarello (University of Florida)

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