Improved analysis for CLFV processes $\mu N(eN) \to \tau X$ with gluon operators

24 Jul 2018, 17:20
Plaza 8

Plaza 8


Masato Yamanaka (Kyoto Sangyo University)


We revisit charged lepton flavor violating (CLFV) scattering processes $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X \, (\ell_{i} \ni e, \mu)$ mediated by Higgs. (Although in this talk we focus on Higgs CLFV, our results hold for other CLFV mediators which couple with gluon and/or heavy quarks.) We point out that a new subprocess $\ell_{i} g \to \tau g$ via the effective interactions of Higgs and gluon gives the dominant contribution to $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X$ for an incident beam energy of $E_{\ell} \leq 1\,\text{TeV}$ in fixed target experiments. Furthermore, in the light of quark number conservation, we consider quark pair-production processes $\ell_{i} g \to \tau q \bar{q}$ ($q$ denotes quarks) instead of $\ell_{i} q \to \tau q$. This corrects the threshold energy of each subprocess contributing to $\sigma(\ell_{i} N \to \tau X)$. Reevaluation of $\sigma(\ell_{i} N \to \tau X)$ including all of relevant subprocesses shows that the search for $\ell_{i} N \to \tau X$ could serve a complementary opportunity with other relevant processes to shed light on the Higgs CLFV. This talk is based on PLB772 (2017) 279.

Parallel Session BSM aspects of Flavour and Neutrino Physics

Primary authors

Masato Yamanaka (Kyoto Sangyo University) Michihisa Takeuchi (Univ. of Tokyo) Yuichi UESAKA (Osaka University)

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