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Search for LFV Higgs and Flavon decays at future colliders

25 Jul 2018, 18:00
Room B

Room B


Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM and CIFFU BUAP)


Models with extended Higgs sector predict that the diagonal Higgs couplings to fermions could deviate from the SM predictions, while non-diagonal flavor-violating Higgs couplings could appear too. We describe these possibilities within the context of multi-Higgs doublet models that employ the Froggart-Nielsen mechanism to generate the Yukawa hierarchies. The mixing of the Higgs doublets with the Flavon field induces plenty of interesting signals, including: corrections to the diagonal couplings of the SM-like Higgs, LFV Higgs decay h -> tau mu and the FCNC top decay $t\to c h$. Here we discuss the reach of LHC and VLHC to search for the LFV signals from the flavon decays.

Parallel Session Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics

Primary author

Prof. Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (FCFM and CIFFU BUAP)

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