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Dark Matter, LHC signals and muon (g-2) in some SUSY-GUT's.

25 Jul 2018, 17:20
Room A

Room A


Mario E. Gomez (Universidad de Huelva)


We compare models with a non-universal
gaugino and/or sfermion sector in different grand unification scenarios,
namely SO(10), SU(5), flipped SU(5) and Pati-Salam unification. We explore the different
constraints arising from LHC supersymmetry searches and dark
matter experiments. We also investigate whether the models can predict a
significant SUSY contribution to the muon g-2. We find that future LHC
searches are able to constrain the different SUSY GUT scenarios in a
complementary way with dark matter searches.

Parallel Session Supersymmetry: Models, Phenomenology and Experimental Results

Primary authors

Mario E. Gomez (Universidad de Huelva) Magda Lola qaisar shafi (university of delaware) Roberto Ruiz De Austri

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