Supersymmetric Dirac-Born-Infeld action from N=2 supergravity

26 Jul 2018, 14:50
Room B

Room B


Shuntaro Aoki (Waseda University)


In this talk, we discuss the partial breaking of N=2 supergravity. It is known that the supersymmetric Dirac-Born-Infeld (DBI) type action appears as a Nambu-Goldstone mode of the partial breaking in the rigid N=2 theory. In this work, we try to reveal the supergravity couplings to the DBI type action on the basis of component and superspace approaches. We compare our action directly obtained from the N=2 supergravity with the previous works which only focus on the remaining N=1 supersymmetry. The super-Higgs mechanism and its phenomenological implications are also discussed.

Parallel Session Formal Field Theory and Strings

Primary authors

Hiroyuki Abe (Waseda University) Shuntaro Aoki (Waseda University) Sosuke Imai Dr Yutaka Sakamura (Japan/KEK)

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