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Electroweak symmetry breaking by a neutral sector: Dynamical relaxation of the little hierarchy problem

23 Jul 2018, 16:40
Plaza 1

Plaza 1


Bumseok Kyae (Pusan National University (Korea))


We propose a new dynamical relaxation mechanism for the little hierarchy problem, based on a singlet extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM).

In this scenario, a small soft mass parameter of an MSSM singlet is responsible for the electroweak symmetry breaking and the non-zero Higgs vacuum expectation value, whereas the effect of a large soft mass parameter of the Higgs boson, $m_{h_u}^2$ is dynamically compensated by a flat direction of MSSM singlets.
The small singlet's soft mass and the Z boson mass can be protected, even if the stop mass is heavier than 10 or 20 TeV, since the gravity-mediated supersymmetry breaking effects and the relevant Yukawa couplings are relatively small.
A ``focus point'' of the singlet's soft mass parameter can emerge around the stop mass scale, and so various fine-tuning measures can reduce well below 100.
Due to the relatively large gauge-mediated effects, the MSSM superpartners are much heavier than the experimental bounds, and the unwanted flavor changing processes are adequately suppressed.

Parallel Session Electroweak, Top and Higgs Physics

Primary author

Bumseok Kyae (Pusan National University (Korea))

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