10-12 April 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

Contribution List

36 / 36
Andy Buckley (University of Glasgow (GB)), Jonathan Butterworth (University College London (UK))
10/04/2018, 14:05
Christian Gutschow (University College London (UK))
10/04/2018, 14:35
Markus Seidel (CERN), Xavier Janssen (University of Antwerp (BE))
10/04/2018, 14:55
Alex Grecu (IFIN-HH (RO)), Gloria Corti (CERN)
10/04/2018, 15:05
Andy Buckley (University of Glasgow (GB)), Lukas Alexander Heinrich (New York University (US)), Zachary Louis Marshall (University of California Berkeley (US))
10/04/2018, 15:15
David Yallup (University College London), Jonathan Butterworth (University College London (UK))
10/04/2018, 15:45
Przemyslaw Karczmarczyk (Warsaw University of Technology (PL))
10/04/2018, 16:05
Christian Bierlich (Lund University (SE)), Leif Lönnblad (Lund University (SE))
10/04/2018, 16:25
Kenneth Long (University of Wisconsin Madison (US))
11/04/2018, 09:15
Redmer Alexander Bertens (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
11/04/2018, 09:45
Marian Heil (IPPP), Jeppe Rosenkrantz Andersen (IPPP, University of Durham (UK))
11/04/2018, 11:45
Jonathan Butterworth (University College London (UK)), Andy Buckley (University of Glasgow (GB))
11/04/2018, 12:15
Ms Joanna Huang
12/04/2018, 10:20
Mr Alan Price
12/04/2018, 10:25
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