Nov 11 – 13, 2018
Asia/Dubai timezone

Visa and Travel

1)- VISA:

Visit visas are required for entry into the UAE. Citizens of certain countries are exempted from the visit visa requirement. Please consult with the nearest UAE embassy or consulate. If required, a visit visa can be obtained through your hotel, or by applying directly through the nearest UAE consulate. We will be glad to provide you with any supporting documents that you may need, such as an invitation letter indicating the acceptance of your abstract. For further support concerning this, please contact us at:  and we will assist you along your application.

2)- Travel:

Sharjah International Airport is located a short drive from the University of Sharjah campus. The drive from Dubai International Airport takes approximately 30 minutes to the hotels in Sharjah assuming normal traffic conditions. The taxi fare can vary between 35-50 UAE Dirhams (1 US Dollar = 3.65 UAE AED) depending on traffic conditions. Abu Dhabi International Airport is two-hours drive from Sharjah.