Feb 18 – 22, 2019
Vienna University of Technology
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The ENUBET ERC project for an instrumented decay tunnel for future neutrino beams

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

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Elisabetta Parozzi (Milano Bicocca University)


The ENUBET ERC project (2016-2021) is studying a narrow band neutrino beam where lepton production could be monitored at single particle level in an instrumented decay tunnel. For this purpose we have developed a specialized shashlik calorimeter with a compact readout. The modules are composed of 1.5 cm thick steel absorbers coupled to 5 mm thick plastic scintillators. A matrix of 3 x 3 fibers run transversely with a density of one fiber/cm2 and an overall surface of about 10cm^2. Fibers are coupled individually to HD SiPM mounted on a custom PCB allowing reduce the dead zones between adjacent modules to an extremely small level compared to "fiber bundling" configurations. This setup allows a very effective longitudinal segmentation or e/pi separation. We will present the results of test beams performed in 2016-2018 at the CERN-PS East Area. We will also discuss the characterization of SiPM of different cell size (12μm and 15 μm) before and after being exposed to neutron fluxes up to 10^{12}/cm^2 at the INFN-LNL CN accelerator facility in June 2017. We have also successfully characterized at CERN a (12 X0) shashlik calorimeter based on polysiloxane scintillators. These are scintillators which come in liquid form, are poured around the fiber arrays and finally made solid with a thermal treatment.

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CERN-SPSC-2016-036 / SPSC-EOI-014

Primary author

Elisabetta Parozzi (Milano Bicocca University)

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