Feb 18 – 22, 2019
Vienna University of Technology
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Construction of Vacuum-compatible Straw Tracker for COMET Phase-I

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

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The COMET experiment at J-PARC aims to search for a lepton-flavour violating process of muon to electron conversion in a muonic atom, $\mu$-e conversion, with a branching-ratio sensitivity of <$10^{−16}$, 4 orders of magnitude better than the present limit, in order to explore the parameter region predicted by most of well-motivated theoretical models beyond the Standard Model.

The need for such an excellent sensitivity places several stringent requirements on the detector;
i) good momentum resolution, <2%, for 100 MeV/$c$ electron, which is primarily limited by multiple scattering effect for this momentum region,
ii) high rate capability, up to $5\times10^{9}\mu^{-}$/s muon beam by J-PARC.

In order to fulfill such requirements, we decided to develop the straw-base planar tracker which is operational in vacuum and made of an extremely light material. The COMET straw tracker consists of 10 mm diameter straw tube, longer than 1 m length, with 20$\mu$m-thick Mylar foil and 70nm-thick aluminum cathode.

In the previous conference VCI2016, the R&D for this vacuum-compatible straw tracker was reported. After that, two big milestones, detector-performance verification by the full-scale prototype with 100 MeV/$c$ e$^-$ beam, and start the assembly of final straw tracker for COMET Phase-I, were achieved.

In VCI2019, we report these two big milestones, result of beam test and status of final assembly, and some prospects towards the COMET Phase-II.

Primary author


Dr Alexander VOLKOV (JINR) Mr Eitaro HAMADA (KEK) Mr Junichi SUZUKI (KEK) Prof. Junji TOJO (Kyushu University) Dr Kazuki UENO (KEK) Mr Kou OISHI (Kyushu University) Mr Naoya KAMEI (KEK) Mr Nikolozi TSVERAVA (JINR) Dr Peter EVTOUKHOVITCH (JINR) Prof. Satoshi MIHARA (KEK) Dr Yuki FUJII (Monash University) Dr Zviadi TSAMALAIDZE (JINR)

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