Feb 18 – 22, 2019
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Neutron detector based on a layer of LiI:Eu

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Vienna University of Technology

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Ms Tamara Holub (ISMA NAS of Ukraine)


Neutron detectors based on gas-discharge tubes filled with 3He have a high thermal neutron registration efficiency and are not sensitive to others ionizing radiation. But the main disadvantage of such detectors is the high cost of a very rare isotope 3He.
One of the effective elements for the registration of thermal neutrons is the isotope of lithium 6Li, which nature contamination is much more (about 7.5% of the total lithium) than 3He-content. LiI:Eu scintillation material enriched with 6Li has a good neutron/gamma discrimination (more than 0.8).
The purpose of this work was to develop a new design of a thermal neutron detector, based on a LiI:Eu scintillation material.
Due to possibility of easy installation a new detector instead of 3He a tubular design of detector was used. The detector was made by applying a crystalline thin layer of LiI:Eu on the inner wall of an ampoule. The registration efficiency of thermal neutrons obtained by a tubular detector with a natural isotopic composition of Li with a total thickness of 3.2 mm deposited is 23.47%. Improving of detector efficiency may achieved by increasing the thickness of the scintillation layer and/or additional enrichment of the material with the 6Li.

Primary author

Ms Tamara Holub (ISMA NAS of Ukraine)


Evgeny Galenin (Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine) Dr Oleg Sidletskiy (Institute for scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine) Sergey Kovalchuk (Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine) Olga Zelenskaya (Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine) Anastasiia Smerechuk (Institute for Scintillation Materials NAS of Ukraine)

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