Feb 18 – 22, 2019
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Fast Beam-Beam Collisions Monitor for experiments at NICA

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

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Dr Grigory Feofilov (Saint-Petersburg State University)


Two interaction points are foreseen for beam intersections of NICA collider at JINR. The event-by-event monitoring of collisions is required both for the beam tuning and for event selection using the precise timing (T0) of the events for MPD and SPD experiments at NICA. Data on the reaction plane and on the event centrality of nucleus-nucleus collisions should be also obtained for physics analysis.
The Fast Beam-Beam Collisions (FBBC) monitor based on the Micro Channel Plates (MCPs) is proposed. New MCPs with the improved characteristics, such as small diameter (6μ) channels, low resistivity (100-500 MOhm), high gain (~107), short fast rise-time (~0.8ns) signals, will be used. The ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatibility and low-mass compact design allow the application inside the vacuum beam line. The FBBC is also considered for the local polarimetry at the SPD to monitor the beam polarization during data taking.
The FBBC uses the concept of the isochronous multi-pad readout and summation of short (~1ns) signals. The prototypes were developed and tested previously using the beams of MIPs both at JINR and CERN. Results of model simulations and tests of new prototypes of the fast MCP readout setups are presented and discussed.

Primary authors

Dr Grigory Feofilov (Saint-Petersburg State University) Prof. Farrhat Valiev (Saint-Petersburg State University) Dr Anton Baldin (JINR andInstitute for Advanced Studies "OMEGA", Dubna, RF) Dr Pavel Har’yuzov (JINR and Institute for Advanced Studies "OMEGA", Dubna, RF)

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