4-9 September 2018
America/Chicago timezone

This workshop aims at gathering together both theorists and ATLAS/CMS experimentalists to discuss recent results, analysis techniques and theoretical calculations of HH production.

  •  Recent results from LHC 
  •  Advances in theoretical calculations 
  •  Analysis techniques
  •  BSM phenomenology
  •  EFT interpretations

Organizing committee:
John Alison (Carnegie Mellon University)
Olivier Bondu (FNRS/CP3-U C Louvain) 
Sally Dawson (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Biagio Di Micco (U/INFN Roma Tre)
Christoph Englert (U Glasgow)
Maxime Gouzevitch (CNRS/UCB Lyon 1-IPNLyon)
Giacomo Ortona (CNRS/LLR)

Local organization committee:
Luca Cadamuro (Florida U)
Marcela Carena (U Chicago/Fermilab)
Jacobo Konigsberg (Florida U)
Zhen Liu (Fermilab/U Maryland-chair)
Caterina Vernieri (Fermilab-chair)

LPC events committee:
Gabriele Benelli (Brown U)
Ben Kreis (Fermilab)
Nicola De Filippis (Politecnico & INFN Bari)

Diversity and inclusion at Fermilab


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