22-28 July 2010
Palais des Congrès de Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

Hard exclusive processes in the backward region

22 Jul 2010, 11:00
Salle 251 ()

Salle 251

Parallel Session Talk 04 - Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, soft QCD, Spectroscopy 04 - Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, soft QCD, Spectroscopy


Dr Jean-Philippe Lansberg (Ecole polytechnique)


We discuss the potentialities offered by the study of backward exclusive processes in the scaling regime, i.e. involving a large Q2 photon and a baryonic exchange in the t-channel. We introduce the concept of Transition Distribution Amplitudes (TDAs) containing unique information on the hadron structure, then discuss how they enter the description of processes such as backward electroproduction of a pion, antiproton-proton annihilations into a dilepton + meson as well as into J/Psi + meson. We discuss first estimates of cross sections that are being measured at JLAB along with predictions for processes for Panda at GSI-FAIR. Finally we present outlooks for their theoretical studies based on approaches such as the pion cloud model.

Primary author

Dr Jean-Philippe Lansberg (Ecole polytechnique)

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