22-28 July 2010
Palais des Congrès de Paris
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Status of KM3NeT

24 Jul 2010, 13:50
Salle 253 ()

Salle 253

Parallel Session Talk 14 - Future Machines and Projects 14 - Future Machines and Projects


Prof. Paul Kooijman (Univ. of Amsterdam)


The technical design report of the KM3NeT neutrino detector has been published. In this talk we describe the main features of this future telescope . The detector will be located on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea and will have a total volume of about 8 km3. The point source sensitivity for sources near the Galactic Centre will be more than two orders of magnitude better than any other telescope. The physics capabilities for other cosmic processes will also be covered. The technical solutions and inovations employed to achieve the quoted sensitivity will be presented together with a likely timeline for the building of the telescope.

Primary author

Prof. Paul Kooijman (Univ. of Amsterdam)

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