22-28 July 2010
Palais des Congrès de Paris
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The SuperB Project

24 Jul 2010, 14:05
Salle 253 ()

Salle 253

Parallel Session Talk 14 - Future Machines and Projects 14 - Future Machines and Projects


Marcello Giorgi (INFN& Universita' di Pisa)


SuperB is a project to build in Italy a high luminosity (Peak Luminosity> 10^36) asymmetric e+ e- collider to study flavour physics in the present decade with the goal of disovery New Physycs beyond Standard Model.One of the beams will be longitudinally polarized (P>80%) and the machine can be operated at open charm threshold. Beauty and Charm rare decays can be studied in five years run with a statistics 100 times higher than the present.In addition thanks to the high luminosity and to the beam polarization, Tau lepton physics will be studied with unprecedented precision, the Tau magnetic structure and CP violation in Tau decays can be explored. Together with the approval process, the status of the project is reported with an update of the machine design, the detector and the physics program.

Primary author

Marcello Giorgi (INFN& Universita' di Pisa)

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