22-28 July 2010
Palais des Congrès de Paris
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J/psi->mumu from 7 TeV pp collisions in ATLAS: performance with the first data

24 Jul 2010, 16:34
Salle 242A ()

Salle 242A

Parallel Session Talk 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays


Andreas Korn (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL))


ATLAS has a rich charmonium and beauty physics programme. After a few pb-1 of 7 TeV collision data have been taken at the LHC, ATLAS will be able to start probing the new energy regime with decays of the psi and Upsilon families of mesons into pairs of muons. In addition to the physics aspects of the charm resonances, they are also an important tool for understanding the performance of the detector. We present studies of the ATLAS Inner Detector performance using the early ATLAS J/psi sample. In particular, the measured J/psi mass and width are presented together with the vertexing performance. The consequences of these Inner Detector performance issues in the early ATLAS beauty and charmonium measurements are discussed.

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