22-28 July 2010
Palais des Congrès de Paris
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Extracting CP violation and strong phase in D decays by using quantum correlations in psi(3770) -> D0 D0bar -> (V_1V_2)(V_3V_4) and psi(3770) -> D0 D0bar -> (V_1V_2)(K pi)

23 Jul 2010, 17:45
Salle 242A ()

Salle 242A

Parallel Session Talk 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays 06 - CP violation, CKM and Rare Decays


Xian-Wei Kang (IHEP,China)


The charm quark offers interesting opportunities to cross-check the mechanism of CP violation precisely tested in the strange and beauty sectors. In this paper, we exploit the angular and quantum correlations in the D Dbar pairs produced through the decay of the psi(3770) resonance in a charm factory to investigate CP-violation in two different ways. We build CP-violating observables in psi(3770) -> D Dbar -> (V_1V_2)(V_3 V_4) to isolate specific New Physics effects in the charm sector. We also consider the case of psi(3770) -> D Dbar -> (V_1V_2)(K pi) decays, which provide a new way to measure the strong phase difference delta between Cabibbo-favoured and doubly-Cabibbo suppressed D decays required in the determination of the CKM angle gamma. Neglecting the systematics, we give a first rough estimate of the sensitivities of these measurements at BES-III with an integrated luminosity of 20 fb-1 at psi(3770) peak and at a future Super tau-charm factory with a luminosity of 10^35 cm-2 s-1.

Primary author

Xian-Wei Kang (IHEP,China)


Gong-Ru Lu (Department of physics,Henan normal univ.China) Hai-Bo Li (IHEP,China) Jerome Charles (Centre de Physique Th\'eoriqueUniv. Aix-Marseille 1 \& 2 and Sud Toulon-Var (UMR 6207)) Sebastien Descotes-Genon (LPT,Orsay)

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