Towards a determination of the low x gluon via exclusive HVM production

Apr 10, 2019, 2:00 PM
Cavallerizza Reale - Aula Multifunzione

Cavallerizza Reale - Aula Multifunzione

Via Verdi, 9 Turin
Parallel Session Talk WG2: Low-x and Diffraction WG2: Small-x and Diffraction


Chris Flett


I will discuss how the theoretical stability of exclusive HVM photoproduction has been improved through a systematic taming of the known MSbar coefficient functions by accounting for a not so power suppressed correction encoded within a ‘Q0’ cut. The phenomenological implications of this will be emphasised allowing for, ultimately, the inclusion of the exclusive data into a global fitter framework to provide constraints on the small x gluon. Time permitting, I will also present preliminary results for exclusive HVM electroproduction.

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