Theory: top production at the LHC

Apr 9, 2019, 8:30 AM
Rettorato - Sala Athenaeum

Rettorato - Sala Athenaeum

Via Verdi, 8 Turin
Parallel Session Talk WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours


Rene Poncelet (Cambridge University)


This talk reviews the current theory status of top-quark production at the LHC.
The production of top-quarks, the heaviest elementary particle known, is studied in great
detail by the experiments ATLAS and CMS. It provides unique possibilities to extend our
knowledge about the Standard Model and beyond. To make most of the precise data
available, precise theory predictions for inclusive/fiducial and differential cross sections
are required and allow to investigate the top-quark properties in a unprecedented detail.
Recent progress in fixed order perturbation theory as well as in resummation techniques
are discussed.

Primary author

Rene Poncelet (Cambridge University)

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