PHENIX results on nuclear modification of hadron production in small and large systems

Jun 4, 2020, 11:35 AM

Oral Presentation Jets and High Momentum Hadrons Parallel


Axel Drees


The intermediate pT region is ideal for studying hadronization and the
transition from soft to hard physics.  Quark mass and flavor are key
ingredients in hadronization as well as elucidating the details of energy
loss mechanisms in the hard sector.  For this reason, it is essential to
study a variety of different particle species, and PHENIX is ideally-suited
for many resonance decay analyses.  In this talk we present spectra and
nuclear modification factors of identified particles $\pi^0$, $\omega$,
$K_S$, $K^*$, and $\phi$ in p+Al, p+Au, d+Au, 3He+Au, Cu+Au, Au+Au, and U+U
collisions.  Implications for hadronization and energy loss will be

Contribution type Contributed Talk
Track Jets and High Momentum Hadrons
Collaboration (if applicable) PHENIX

Primary author

Gabor David (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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