Welcome to the 25th International Summer Institute on Phenomenology of Elementary Particles and Cosmology (SI2019). The Summer Institutes have been held every summer since 1995. It aims at an Aspen-type Institute in Asia. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to promote communications and discussions on research among participants, rather than to give pedagogical lectures for students. Therefore the scientific program is relaxed to keep enough time for discussions. We hope that the new ideas and research activities will be initiated from this institute.


** Notice on registration**

The registration fee should be paid at the conference site by CASH(KRW) at your arrival.


[Notice on July 6] Timetable 

Please notice that the program of SI 2019 has been uploaded in the 'Timetable' menu of the Indico. Please check it carefully, and in case your talk/poster presentation is in conflict with your travel schedule, please let us know before July 12th.

Other information (e.g. meal plan, nearby restaurants, Banquet, excursion and other useful pieces of information) will be updated on the SI 2019 webpage. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any inquiries about SI2019.


[Notice on July 10] Poster session 

To Poster Presenters & Discussion Leaders of the poster sessions,

* Please put your posters at the prepared place from 15:00, Tuesday (Aug 20th) to 21:00, Thursday (Aug 22nd).

* Please stand by next to your poster in 20:30-21:00 on Tuesday and Thursday after the parallel sessions and discuss with the visitors.

* Discussion leaders will examine your posters and notify the best 3 posters at the closing session of SI2019. 


[Notice on Aug 23] Best Poster Award Recognitions


SANDPINE, Gangneung, Korea

Invited Lecturers (topics):

  • Tongyan Lin (Light dark matter), 
  • Hitoshi Murayama (overview), 
  • Misao Sasaki(inflation and cosmology), 
  • Chang Sub Shin (electroweak baryogenesis and BSM theories)
  • Carsten Rott (Multi-messenger physics)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Kyu Jung Bae (IBS-CTPU, South Korea)
  • Eung Jin Chun (KIAS, South Korea)
  • Sunghoon Jung (Seoul Natl. U, South Korea)
  • Hyung Do Kim (Seoul Natl. U, South Korea)
  • Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei U, South Korea)
  • Hye-Sung Lee (KAIST, South Korea)
  • Hyun Min Lee (Chungang U, South Korea)
  • Kang Young Lee (Gyeongsang Natl. U, South Korea) 
  • Seung J. Lee (Korea U, South Korea)
  • Seong Chan Park (Yonsei U, South Korea)
  • Jong Chul Park (Chungnam Natl. U South Korea)
  • Minho Son (KAIST, South Korea)

International Organizing Committee:

  • Chuan-Ren Chen (National Taiwan Normal U, Taiwan)
  • Kingman Cheung (Natl. Tsing Hua U, Taiwan)
  • Kiwoon Choi (IBS, Korea)
  • Koichi Hamaguchi (Tokyo U, Japan)
  • Tao Han (Tsinghua U, China / Pittsburgh U, USA)
  • George Hou (Natl. Taiwan U, Taiwan)
  • Jihn E. Kim (Kyung Hee U, Korea)
  • Pyungwon Ko (KIAS, Korea)
  • Otto Kong (Natl. Central U, Taiwan)
  • Jisuke Kubo (Kanazawa U, Japan)
  • Taichiro Kugo (Kyoto Sangyo U, Japan)
  • Takeshi Kurimoto (Toyama U, Japan)
  • Jae Sik Lee (Chonnam National U, Korea)
  • Cai-Dian Lu (IHEP, China)
  • Nobuhiro Maekawa (Nagoya U, Japan)
  • Shigeki Matsumoto (IPMU, Japan)
  • Morimitsu Tanimoto (Niigata U, Japan)
  • Qing Wang (Tsinghua U, China)
  • Tzu-Chiang Yuan (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  • Tatsuo Kobayashi(Hokkaido Univ.)  
  • Takehiko Asaka (Niigata Univ.)
  • Tetsuo Shindo (Kogakuin Univ.)
  • Koji Tsumura (Kyoto Univ.)
  • Kin-ya Oda (Osaka Univ.)

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