21-29 August 2019
Europe/Athens timezone
ICNFP 2019 follows HiX 2019 (also at the OAC), Int. Workshop devoted to Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken-x (https://indico.cern.ch/event/799284/overview). Related ICNFP Session organized with HiX 2019 convenors will take place the 22-23 August

Diffraction in QCD

21 Aug 2019, 15:00
Room 1

Room 1

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Boris Kopeliovich (UTFSM)


The main features of diffractive processes and QCD inspired models are overviewed. The following topics are discussed: (1) Diagonal (elastic) diffraction, which shows that the underlying theory is non-abelian;
(2) Quantum mechanics and general features of the off-diagonal diffractive processes; (3) Color dipole description of diffraction; (4) triple-Regge phenomenology; (5) what do we learn about hadron structure from soft diffraction? Why interaction of Pomerons is so weak?
(6) Diffraction near the unitarity bound: why the diffractive cross stops rising;
(7) “Hard diffraction” turns out to be semisoft-semihard;
(8) factorization of short- and long-distance interactions is severely broken in hard diffractive hadronic collisions;
(9) examples: diffractive DIS, diffractive Drell-Yan, diffractive production of gauge bosons, diffractive heavy flavors, diffractive Higgs production.

Primary author

Boris Kopeliovich (UTFSM)

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