3rd Fulbright-Cottrell Junior Faculty Professional Development Workshop

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

University of Goettingen Historic University Library Building Papendiek 14 37073 Göttingen
Carla Frohlich (NC State University) , Michael Wilczek (MPI-DS Goettingen) , Olalla Vazquez (Uni Marburg) , Steffen Schumann (Uni Goettingen)

This annual workshop aims to gather junior group leaders in the fields of chemistry, physics, and astronomy; their academic administrative leaders at German universities; experts in educational exchange from the Fulbright Kommission; and the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) for a unique opportunity to further professional development.

The workshop offers training for junior group leaders in Germany on how to best implement evidence-based pedagogies, integrate research and teaching, use new strategies for communicating science to the public, and develop skills in time management, leadership, mentoring students, and networking. The workshop also engages the academic administrative leaders in Germany in a dialogue on how to leverage professional development for future academic leaders and increase the university's impact on society.

We would like to ask all workshop participants to fill in the first workshop survey:



  • Albrecht Sigler
  • Alex Taylor
  • Andrew Feig
  • Armita Nourmohammad
  • Arnold Boersma
  • Arnulf Quadt
  • Berta Domènech Garcia
  • Carla Frohlich
  • Carmen Diez Pardos
  • Chao Li
  • Christian Schöpper
  • Christian Sindlinger
  • Cosima Schuster
  • Daniele Pinna
  • Dominik Munz
  • Enrico Bothmann
  • Evelyn Tang
  • Fabian Paulus
  • Fanqi Meng
  • Frank Tambornino
  • Hao Chen
  • Helen May-Simera
  • Hongbin Zhang
  • Ivan Vilotijevic
  • Jamie Moore
  • Jan Molacek
  • Jana Lasser
  • Jefferson Knight
  • Johannes Wiest
  • Johannes Zierenberg
  • Judith Delius
  • Justin Hines
  • Jörn Lange
  • Kanwarpal Singh
  • Katelyn Goetz
  • Katharina Brassat
  • Kathryn Haas
  • Kerstin Klopp-Koch
  • Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta
  • Magdalena Jablonska
  • Matthias Schroeder
  • Michael Wilczek
  • Namit Ranjan
  • Nikolaos Moustakas
  • Olalla Vázquez
  • Olga García Mancheño
  • Ricarda Blumentritt
  • Rigoberto Hernandez
  • Rory Waterman Waterman
  • Silvia Ronco
  • Srinivas Banala
  • Steffen Schumann
  • Stephan Hacker
  • Ute Hellmich
  • Vincent Theeuwes
  • Yana Vaynzof