Presentation, Submission of papers


1) Size

Projector format: 4:3 display
Poster format: A0 portrait (841(horizontal width) x 1189 (vertical height) mm^2) max.

2) Uploading presentation files

In order to identify your electric file of presentation easily, please name it as

(submission ID)-(Last name)-(Whatever you like).(filetype)

e.g. 101-Unno-goodNaming.pdf

Please make sure to upload your presentation file (slides of oral presentations, poster of poster presentations) into the indico page of the symposium, through the "Presentation materials" of your contribution page (or timetable page, similarly (?)), by the end of a day before the presentation.

We advice you to test the uploading in advance, and if you have trouble, please notify us promptly (to resolve the issue).


Proceedings of HSTD12

The manuscripts of presented contributions in the conference, after peer-reviewed, will be published as a special issue of Nuclear Instrumentations and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (NIMA).

The manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the standards of the journal. Please have a look first at ELSEVIER'S GUIDE TO PUBLICATION. One has to use specific for NIM A Instructions for Authors,  where one may also find instructions how to write a manuscript in Word and LaTeX.

The length of a paper is 5-6 pages for both oral and poster presentations where a page is a NIMA page after printing (approximately 6800 characters/page (without figures)). Please consult a recent NIMA issue to value a page, e.g. of HSTD11. Also, the number of pages can be estimated as in "How to calculate the size of a paper" in below.

Please pay attention to the deadline date of submission and plan your time in advance for writing the paper. Formal submission ends on 15 29 (extended!) Feb, 2020. (For late submission due to "force majeure", please contact the organizer/editor of the conference.) A copy of the proceedings book is included in the conference fee and will be sent to each participant once printed.

Instructions for online paper submission

Go to the submission website. Go "Author login", and follow the Submit New Manuscript. If you are using Elsevier Editorial System (EES) for the first time, you may have to register first.

To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the conference proceedings, it is mandatory to select the proper "Article Type", VSI: HSTD12, when you reach the Article Type in the submission process.

Page format of the manuscript:

The manuscript should be in single column, double-spacing, with line numbers associated. In LaTeX, please set 


How to calculate the size of a paper:
1. A full text page contains about 6800 characters (including space characters).
2. In general the title and abstract takes about 1/2 page.
3. One square figure (that fits one column) corresponds to about 1200 symbols plus about 60 symbols for one caption line.

In TeX, to count the number of pages, you may use


and for the figures



Use of Word-processing Software (e.g. MS Word):

A template can be borrowed from IPM.