Visa information

VISA information

Participants from some countries are required to obtain a VISA to enter Japan (Short-term, Single/Multiple entry). Please check well in advance whether it is applicable for you. Also, please consult with Embassy/Consulate of Japan nearby you regarding the required documents.

Guide to Japanese Visas by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
List of Countries and Regions That Have Visa Exemption Arrangements with Japan by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

China, India, ...

The VISA application for those with nationality of China, India, ... is sorted than others:

(1) You/We are NOT applicable for the VISA category I (Applicants for business).

(2) You may apply for the VISA category II (Applicants for cultural or intellectual figures) if your position is "a full-time professor, assistant professor, or lecturer of a university or a college". The required documents are

- Passport, Visa application form, Documents to prove the applicant is qualify for the position, Certificate of residence, Itinerary of stay

(3) if you are a student, you may apply for the Tourism (sightseeing) VISA, through a travel agency.

Other countries than China, India, ...

If you apply VISA (Short-term, Business affairs: Conference), please enter online registration first. Then, send the following 1) to 3) to the chair of the organizers to provide further information to process the VISA request documents.

1) A copy of Passport (the page of name and photo)

2) Schedule of Stay

3) Letter of Guarantee

Fill the info of the guarantor in your country, with signature, who guarantees

1. Expenses for the applicant’s stay in Japan
2. Return travel expenses

4) Name of the city where the Embassy/Consulate of Japan is to which VISA application is submitted.

In return, we will send the applicant the necessary documents (Invitation letter, etc.) Students may apply for Tourism (sightseeing) VISA.


In case if you have concern on sending the above info., you may create a folder, put the documents in, and zip it with encryption. You may then send me the zip file and the key in a separate mail. The command line command would be

> zip -e <whatever your folder>/*