Jan 27 – 31, 2020
Tbilisi State University
Asia/Tbilisi timezone

Useful Information

Usefull phone numbers:
Emergency - 112
Police - 112
Fire brigade – 112
Railway station - 1331
Airport directory - 231 03 41, 231 04 21

Taxify mobile app
Taxi on call - (+995) 32 260-60-60
Taxi web booking

We are recommending to use taxi mobile app or taxi on call. But if you catch a taxi in the street please negotiate before getting in, show the value which you want to pay using fingers and say "LARI" (Georgian currency, 1EUR=3LARI), if driver does not speak English. And be prepared to and have GEL in your pocket.

Traveling in Tbilisi: 10/15 GEL most far distance.
If driver does not accept your offer, let him go away and stop another one.

All kind of payments in Georgia is possible in National currency GEL only. You can exchange money in the airport before passport control or after baggage collection in the waiting hall. There are also many cash machines if you want to withdraw money in the airport. You also will find lots of exchange point in the city.

info page: http://info-tbilisi.com/ (Events, Museums, Theatres, Restaurants, etc.)
Tbilisi tourists routes: http://tbilisiguide.ge/w/tourist_routes.php