The 14th International Conference on Interconnections between Particle Physics and Cosmology, organized by the physics department at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, will take place over Zoom

Plenary talks are 25+5 minutes, and parallel talks are 12+3 minutes.

Plenary speakers and topics:

  • Mustafa Amin (Rice) - The End of Inflation
  • K.S. Babu (Oklahoma State) - Neutrino Theory
  • Kyu Jung Bae (Kyungpook National University) - Feebly-Interacting and Decaying Dark Matter
  • Yang Bai (Wisconsin) - Macroscopic Dark Matter
  • Kimberly Boddy (UT Austin) - Cosmological Signatures of Dark Matter Interactions
  • Anadi Canepa (Fermilab) - SUSY at the LHC
  • Michele Cicoli (Bologna) - Statistical predictions for low-energy physics from the string landscape
  • Bhupal Dev (U. Washington St. Louis) - Current Anomalies: From Muon g-2 to B-physics and Neutrinos
  • Keith Dienes (U. Arizona) - Cosmological Imprints of Non-Minimal Dark Sectors
  • Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M) - Light Mediators
  • Cora Dvorkin (Harvard) - Discovering New Physics with Cosmological Data Sets
  • Adrienne Erickcek (UNC Chapel Hill) - Cosmology of Early Matter Domination
  • Rouven Essig (Stony Brook) - Dark Matter: New Frontiers
  • Gabriel Facini (University of Warwick) - Searches for Exotic Physics with ATLAS and CMS
  • Jiji Fan (Brown) - New Developments in Axion Physics
  • Stefania Gori (UC Santa Cruz) - Dark Sectors
  • André De Gouvea (Northwestern) - Topics in Neutrino Physics
  • Tao Han (U. Pittsburgh) - Higgs at the HL-LHC
  • Steven Harris (U. Washington) - BSM Physics with Magnetars and Neutron Star Mergers
  • Gordon Kane (U. Michigan) - The Visible Sector
  • Doojin Kim (TAMU) - New Ideas in Lab-based Axion Searches
  • Gordan Krnjaic (Fermilab) - Light Dark Matter Cosmology
  • Rafael Lang (Purdue) - Dark Matter Direct Detection - Experiment
  • Liam McAllister (Cornell) - Axions and String Vacua
  • Irina Mocioiu (Penn State) - Flavor Physics and Light Mediators
  • Simona Murgia (UC Irvine) - Fermi-LAT
  • Keith Olive (U. Minnesota) - Dark Matter Candidates in Supersymmetric Models
  • Pavel Fileviez Perez (Case Western) - New Gauge Theories and the TeV Scale
  • Alexey Petrov (Wayne State) - Rare Processes and Precision Measurements
  • Stefano Profumo (UCSC) - Primordial Black Holes and Dark Matter
  • Fernando Quevedo (Cambridge) - Type IIB String Phenomenology
  • Laura Reina (Florida State) - New physics and precision at the energy frontier
  • Dean Robinson (LBNL) - Challenges in Flavor Physics
  • Pearl Sandick (Utah) - Topics in Primordial Black Hole Physics
  • Kate Scholberg (Duke) - Status of Neutrino Experiments
  • Dibyashree Sengupta (NTU) - Supersymmetry, naturalness and the landscape
  • Sarah Shandera (Penn State) - Dissipative dark matter and black holes
  • Gary Shiu (U. Wisconsin) - Quantum Information in de Sitter Space
  • Sheldon Stone (Syracuse) - Physics at LHCb
  • Tim Tait (UC Irvine) - Dark Matter Theory
  • Cumrun Vafa (Harvard) - Strings, Early Universe and Topological Gravity
  • Lian-Tao Wang (U. Chicago) - Signals of new dynamics during inflation
  • Andrew Whitbeck (Texas Tech) - Accelerator-based Searches for Dark Matter: An Overview
  • Graham White - Phase Transitions and Gravitational Waves: The Precision Frontier
  • Yue Zhao (Utah) - Astrophysical probes to new physics beyond the Standard Model - EHT and GW experiments

International Advisory Committee

Ben Allanach (Cambridge)
John Ellis (King’s College London/CERN)
Vernon Barger (Wisconsin)
V.A. Bednyakov (JINR)
Wim de Boer (Karlsruhe)
Joel Butler (FNAL/CERN)
Tiziano Camporesi (CERN)
Johnathan Ellis (CERN)
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)
Ian Hinchliffe (LBL)
Karl Jakobs (U. Freiburg)
Gordon Kane (Michigan)
Dmitri I. Kazakov (JINR, Dubna)
Robert Kirshner (Harvard)
Tomio Kobayashi (Tokyo)
Pran Nath (NEU)
Mihoko Nojiri (KEK)
Saul Perlmutter (LBNL)
Michael Peskin (SLAC)
Adam Riess (Johns Hopkins)
Graham Ross (Oxford)
Paul Shapiro (UT Austin)
Melvyn Shochet (Chicago)
George F. Smoot (UC Berkeley)
David Spergel (Princeton)
Paris Sphicas (CERN & Athens U.)
S.C.C. Ting (MIT)
Steven Weinberg (UT Austin)

Local Organizing Committee

Brad Abbott
Howie Baer
Dorival Gonçalves (OSU)
Huaike Guo
Phillip Gutierrez
Ahmed Ismail (OSU)
Chung Kao
Ferah Munshi
Amber Roepe
Kuver Sinha
Michael Strauss
John Stupak











University of Oklahoma
440 W. Brooks St Norman, OK 73019