Jul 26 – 28, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

 Gauge/Gravity Duality has established itself as a significant link between gravitation and quantum field theory. It provides a major tool for describing strongly coupled quantum systems. It relates concepts of information of black hole physics and quantum information theory. Moreover, it creates significant new links between quantum field theory and string theory. Previous conferences in this series have been held in Würzburg (2018), Florence (2015) and Munich (2013).

The aim of the conference is to explore all aspects of gauge/gravity duality, both applied and theoretical, and to generate an extensive exchange of ideas. 

At the conference, the topics to be discussed include gauge/gravity duality in the context of:

• Quantum information, 
• Applications to condensed matter physics, 
• Applications to particle physics and to cosmology, 
• Supergravity, integrability and the conformal bootstrap.


Jinbeom Bae, Luca Delacretaz, Mario Flory, Veronika Hubeny, Andreas Karch, Igor Klebanov, Baur Mukhametzhanov, Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva, Ronnie Rodgers, Gabor Sarosi, Wilke van der Schee, Junggi Yoon


Johanna Erdmenger, Nick Evans, Jerome Gauntlett, Keun-Young Kim, Nakwoo Kim, Amit Sever, Sang-Jin Sin, Julian Sonner, Sasha Zhiboedov

This event is partly supported by the CERN-Korea theory collaboration program as well as the NCCR SwissMAP “The mathematics of physics”.


This year the conference will be online via zoom, see on the side menu for more details
ZOOM only