Jun 2 – 5, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Connection Details

The main sessions on all four days will be held via Zoom.

Connection details will be distributed by email to all registered participants by Tuesday, 2nd June. Please get in touch with us by email (dm.lhc2020@desy.de) if you are registered but have not received your connection details by Tuesday noon.

You can connect to Zoom rooms via the Zoom desktop client by just clicking on the event link, even if you do not have a Zoom account.

Logging in with a Zoom account via the Zoom client on your computer gives you more options to customise your settings but it is not a requirement to participate in the conference.

After every session (in parallel to the coffee breaks) you will have the option to connect to a separate meeting room for further discussions with the speaker.

These rooms are meant to complement the Q&A in the plenary sessions and allow for more informal discussions with the speakers that you would normally have during the coffee breaks.

A virtual coffee room is available on Mattermost*:
https://mattermost.web.cern.ch/dmlhc2020/channels/virtual-coffee .

Please login first via to register:

You can sign in with your organization or institutional account. If that doesn't work, please apply for a light-weight CERN account by filling the form at  https://account.cern.ch/account/Externals/RegisterAccount.aspx, confirming your email address when asked by mail and adjusting your password.

After joining the virtual coffee room, you can join any of the public channels via the menu bar on the left. You can obtain the full list of public channels by clicking "More" below "Public channels".

The general channel called “Virtual coffee” is meant for general “coffee break discussions” - this is not limited to physics discussions!

Additional, topic-specific channels can be accessed via the menu bar on the left. There are channels for each session block. Please use those instead of opening new channels, to avoid having too many channels! The speakers have been asked to upload their slides to indico, ideally 1-2 days before their talk, so people can ask questions/start a discussion on the respective mattermost channel.

Finally, there is a channel for organisational/technical questions to the organisers.

Please use this channel for technical questions instead of sending an email!